Holiday Pools is your local authorized BioGuard® dealer. Proper swimming pool maintenance requires good, effective swimming pool supplies! We carry the best of the BioGuard® product line and are knowledgeable about which product will be most effective for your pool. BioGuard® is the leader for chemical innovation in the swimming pool and spa industry with a complete line of products to cover any problem you might experience in your pool. BioGuard® offers easy-to-use step by step product lines to make pool care a breeze and take the mystery out of keeping the pool blue!

Come down to our store with a sample of your swimming pool water and receive a FREE computerized water analysis and step-by-step guide to balancing YOUR pool!

For information about the products we carry for your pool and spa, come check out our store at 936 Mangrove Ave or give us a call at 530-343-8245.